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Complete Kobold Guide To Monsters

PAIKOB9047 Complete Kobold Guide To Monsters published by Paizo Publishing

Let the Monster Masters Guide You. Classic monsters can get stale, and Game Masters often need to generate their own monstrosities to properly challenge players. But concepting, creating, and using monsters is no easy feat for any Game Masterand thats where this book comes in.

In these pages, 15 of the brightest stars in the gaming industry share their wisdom for conceptualizing, developing, and maximizing the Wow! factor of monsters. Step by step, the writers show how to think up a new ideaor modify an existing onethen refine and test the design and get the absolute most out of the creature.

Ever wanted to build a monster from mythology or pop culture? Use psychology theory to power your monsters motivations? Get advice for when your players try to befriend a beast? This book has you covered! Through simple but effective techniques, these experts demonstrate how to:

  • Put an adversarys environment and resources to best use.
  • Employ common-sense motivations to guide a creatures behavior and choices.
  • Develop realistic alternatives to just fightingand dying.
  • Grab every players attention with powerful, sensory-filled descriptions.
  • Make monsters much more than a piece of art coupled with a block of statistics!
  • Price: £14.99
           (RRP is 17.99)