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Complete Kobold Guide To Game Design 2nd Edition

PAIKOBGGD2 Complete Kobold Guide To Game Design 2nd Edition published by Paizo Publishing

The Ultimate Resource for Gamers, Game Masters, and Designers. The first edition of the COMPLETE KOBOLD GUIDE TO GAME DESIGN laid out concepts, techniques and advice for designing roleplaying games and enhancing adventures. This second edition brings together essays from the original volume by Wolfgang Baur, Monte Cook, Keith Baker, Ed Greenwood, and others, many updated to reflect the changing game design landscape.

In addition, this new edition includes brand-new essays by veteran designers Jeff Grubb (Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Guild Wars), Kelly Pawlik (Midgard Sagas, Empire of the Ghouls), Amber Scott (Dungeons & Dragons, Eberron) and Ray Vallese (The Kobold Guide to Magic). Between these covers, youll find practical, thought-provoking essays on worldbuilding, creating magic systems, conflict, and compelling stories, what to expect when you work as a design professional, and much more. Conceptual chapters examine what game design is and how good design can create the best games. Concrete examples provide models to help you create well-rounded designs and exciting adventures. In his essay, Seize the Hook, designer Rob Heinsoo says, Design a game you want to play but cant because no one else has designed it yet. THE COMPLETE KOBOLD GUIDE TO GAME DESIGN, SECOND EDITION will help you do that, and your games and campaigns will never be the same.

Price: £14.99
       (RRP is 17.99)

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