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Company Of Heroes Board Game: 2nd Edition

BCGCH001 Company Of Heroes Board Game: 2nd Edition published by Bad Crow Games

Company of Heroes, the World War 2 board wargame, is based on the video game from Relic/Sega. It closely captures the choices, tactics and mission strategies of the videogame. In teams, or as individuals, players will maneuver units and battle for control points to collect manpower, munitions and fuel. Players spend these resources to construct new buildings, purchase units and upgrade abilities, eventually unlocking the powerful end-game units of their nation.

The Second Edition of the Board Game introduces extensive improvements to gameplay, tactical choices, unit balance, faction differentiation, mission parameters and more. More Units - Bigger Battles: 2nd edition adjusts unit and building costs, resource generation and other mechanics to allow for more units to be purchased, fielded and used over the course of the battle. The 2 player Core Set contains everything needed to play Company of Heroes, a squad based World War II wargame with two players. The set contains all of the core American and the German Wehrmacht factions to be able to play 1 versus 1 games. Additional faction boxes can be purchased to increase the player count.

No. of Players: 2

Duration: 90 to 150 minutes

Min. Age: 14

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