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Clinic Board Game: Campaign Book

CAPCLICB Clinic Board Game: Campaign Book published by Capstone Games

With nearly 50 expansions for Clinic: Deluxe Edition, the need for a way to ease players into that ponderous pool of possibilities has grown great. This Clinic: Deluxe Edition Campaign Book provides 3 campaign modes to address all experience levels, and all of which are designed for 1 4 players:

  • The Thematic Campaigns: Each of these campaigns facilitates learning the rules of the myriad expansions. The expansions are gathered into 5 main themes, and each theme is a separate campaign. Each scenario of a campaign introduces the expansions gradually (but cumulatively), easing the learning curve.
  • The Medium Campaign: 8 scenarios, each of which combines a cross-section of 5 expansions from the 5 themes defined in the Thematic Campaigns.
  • The Expert Campaign: 5 scenarios, each of which combines 8-9 expansions to tell a story (actual story by Nathan Morse included).
  • No. of Players: 1 to 4

    Duration: 60 to 150 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: £8.49
           (RRP is 9.99)