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Carnegie Board Game: Departments And Donations Expansion

PEG57008G Carnegie Board Game: Departments And Donations Expansion published by Pegasus Spiele

For all fans of Carnegie, the expansion Departments & Donations adds four new modules that can be played independently or in any combination.

The module A New Beginning, in which the players secretly manage their starting money and select their starting resources, provides for an asymmetrical game. They can also bid to become the starting player. With the other two modules, a total of 16 new departments and four new donation tiles come into play, which provide additional variance in the game structure. To provide experienced players with new and challenging gameplay options, Departments & Donations also comes with three optional rules that can be introduced into the game at will.

No. of Players: 1 to 4

Duration: 120 to 180 minutes

Min. Age: 12

Price: £12.99
       (RRP is 14.99)