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CardWeaver Card Game

GTGCW001 CardWeaver Card Game published by Empire Games Group

When Nightmares take hold in our world, it is up to Anima, heroes with the power to wield their dreams, to stop them. Will you stand side by side with your fellow Anima to save the world, or will you drench it in the darkness of nightmare?

CardWeaver is a one-versus-all deckbuilding game based on the world of The Shared Dream. Up to three players control a dream hero while another plays as a dreaded Nemesis. Automated Nemesis rules also allow for purely cooperative or solo gameplay! Each character, Hero and Nemesis alike, has their own unique deck of cards. When using Conviction to add cards to their deck, each player chooses from a market (called the Dreamscape) exclusive to their character, allowing each player to shine with a deck built especially for them.


  • 4 Nemesis Decks (20 Cards Each)
  • 1 Universal Nemesis Deck (22 Cards)
  • 4 Starter Decks
  • (10 Cards Each)
  • 2 Universal Decks (10 Cards Each)
  • 4 Animus Decks (30 Cards Each)
  • 8 Character Cards
  • 8 Player Health Dials
  • 8 Player Experience Dials
  • 22 Experience Tokens
  • 44 Health Tokens
  • No. of Players: 1 to 4

    Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: £31.99
           (RRP is 39.99)