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Brazil: Imperial Board Game

PLGBRA010322 Brazil: Imperial Board Game published by Portal Games

Take on the role of one of the great monarchs of the past, and show your valor! You will arrive in a vast and rich territory, but the road to the prosperity is filled with challenges. In Brazil: Imperial, you need to construct buildings, manage resources, explore the land, create trade, acquire the support of the greatest personalities of the country, and recruit a powerful army to protect your interest against the rival states. If you make the right choices, you can complete missions to progress to a more advanced era, receiving new interesting options of development and victory points.

In the end, the best monarch receives the title of Brazilian Emperor and constructs a new era of prosperity, freedom and peace!


  • 1 Rule Book
  • 1 Historical Booklet
  • 14 Map Tiles
  • 1 Common Board
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 5 Monarch Tiles
  • 89 Hexagonal Tiles
  • 12 Action Tokens
  • 58 Wooden Resources
  • 32 Wooden Palaces
  • 20 Wooden Military Units
  • 24 Wooden Products
  • 24 Painting Cards
  • 24 Mission Cards
  • 20 Gold Cards
  • 24 Combat Cards
  • 4 (+1) Tokens
  • 1 Scorepad
  • No. of Players: 1 to 4

    Duration: 100 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: £58.99
           (£57.52 after automatic discount!, RRP is 76.99)