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BrainBox Game: Adventures Of Peppa Pig

GRE91038 BrainBox Game: Adventures Of Peppa Pig published by Green Board Games

Improve your children's observation and memory skills with help from Peppa Pig and her friends in BrainBox: The Adventures of Peppa Pig. Collect cards from each of the four categories: Friends and Family, Seasons and Celebrations, Places, and Travel and Transport. Peppa Pig will provide hours of learning fun for all the family. Aim of the game: Be the player with the most cards after ten minutes.

How to Play: 1. Take a card from the box, turn the timer and study the picture until the ten second timer runs out. The timer can be turned a second time for younger players, to give them extra time to look at the card. 2. Pass the card to another player and roll the die. You must then answer the appropriate question. 3. If correct, you keep the card. If incorrect, you return the card to the box and the next player chooses a card. 4. The player with the most cards after ten minutes wins.

Price: 15.99
       (RRP is 19.99)