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Battle Map Books: Towns And Taverns 2 Map Set

LOKEBM016 Battle Map Books: Towns And Taverns 2 Map Set published by Loke Battle Mats

Towns & Taverns a set of 2 Modular Books of Maps for Roleplay - is the new modular map book release from Loke BattleMats. A unique product which combines easy storage and portability with up to an epic 2x2 map area and an endless number of urban fantasy map combination options.

These 2 beautiful map books are fully Laminated throughout and thus wipe clean. They will save hours of game preparation time and mean no more hastily drawn mid game maps.

The wire bound spine allows the books to open completely flat or fold in half to fit your space and adventure. It also means you can ensure the books are 100% level so your adventure can move seamlessly across the map.

The linked designs feature standard entry & exit points so the books line up seamlessly allowing you to create your own maps from hundreds of combinations! Move seamlessly through alleyways, taverns, docks and coaching inns as your adventure unfolds.

Price: 30.49
       (RRP is 38.49)

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