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BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) RPG: 2D Animinis

JPG808 BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) RPG: 2D Animinis published by Dyskami Publishing

BESM 2D-Animinis are individual miniature images that you can print and turn into standees to help bring dynamic characters and NPCs to life in your gaming adventures – adding over 100 monsters, characters, mecha, and animals to your anime tabletop RPG stories. These gorgeous illustrations are presented in a variety of sizes, and are ready for printing. It's an affordable and compact way to bring your adventures to the next level! For layout, the 2D-Animinis are designed to be printed front-to-back rather than folded. Regular characters (medium-sized) are 40mm in height, smaller ones 30mm, and larger ones up to 100mm.

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