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Ancient Civilizations Of The Inner Sea Board Game

GMT1911 Ancient Civilizations Of The Inner Sea Board Game published by GMT Games

GMT1911: Ancient Civilizations Of The Inner Sea Board Game is Out of Stock

Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea allows you to create or conquer the great civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean in a single night, alone or with up to five other players - and without having to roll a single die! Build great Wonders to glorify a peaceful, thriving, commercial empire - or sack cities and conquer new lands as you spread your domain across the waters and around the shores of the Inner Sea. Start from humble beginnings in isolated settlements at the dawn of the Bronze Age or leap ahead to scenarios that put you in charge of the mighty civilizations of Troy, Egypt, Carthage, Mycenae, Minos, Phoenicia, Rome, Mauretania, Celt-Iberia and the Gauls as they contend for supremacy and survival in numerous historical environments.

With a very short rule book that lets players get into the game quickly, Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea is an exciting, fast-playing, easy-to-learn, easy-to-play but challenging to master and always different abstract game in which player's guide the legendary civilizations that surged and receded around the shores of the Mediterranean: which the Romans aptly called the Mare Internum, or Inner Sea. Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea is not just one game but many games. From one to six players will each take the role of one, two or even three of these civilizations as they compete across up to four epochs, each Epoch taking up to four turns, on land and sea, each seeking to make their indelible mark on history. The scenarios are of much shorter duration of only a few turns each (depending on which is selected).


  • Two 17 x 22 mate-able mounted game boards
  • 400 round wooden playing pieces (tiles), with 50 each of 8 colors
  • 7 square wooden blocks with stickers for "Wonders" (one for each side)
  • 8 large White cylinders with gold stars at one base (to designate for Epoch, Turn, and location of an upcoming Competition and/or Areas which require special Competition-related consideration.)
  • 6 Player Aid Sheets (with End of Epoch Event Table on the reverse side)
  • 1 Player Aid Sheet for the Solitaire Game (two sided)
  • 10 Civilization Displays
  • 110 Playing Cards
  • Rulebook and a Playbook - which includes Solitaire Rules, Suggested Set-Ups for games for 1-6 Players, Historical Scenarios, Examples of Play, and Optional Rules
  • No. of Players: 1 to 6

    Duration: 120 to 300 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: £63.99
           (£62.39 after automatic discount!, RRP is 84.99)