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Anachrony Board Game: Essential Edition

MINAN08 Anachrony Board Game: Essential Edition published by Mindclash Games

Anachrony is a medium-heavy strategy game of worker placement, engine building and time travel, set in a dystopian science-fiction world with a rich backstory.

The Essential Edition does NOT include the Doomsday Expansion previously included with core game. All previously sold expansions, modules and miniatures are still available separately.

In the wake of a devastating cataclysm threatening to repeat itself, players are rival leaders uniting the surviving humans in four ideological Paths struggling for survival and supremacy. Thanks to the recently discovered time travel technology, players may borrow resources and workforce from the future to improve their Path stronghold, construct Buildings and Superprojects, muster Exosuits, and prepare for the impending cataclysm. When it eventually happens, the well prepared Paths can evacuate the collapsing World Capital and when the dust settles, they may rise to take its place.

Languages: The game itself is language independent with printed English rules and available digital rules in various languages.

TWO-TIERED WORKER PLACEMENT SYSTEM: Anachrony features four unique types of workers (each with their own strengths and weaknesses), and two different ways to place them. Your workers can operate freely within your Paths stronghold, but to venture out to the valuable World Capital slots they have to pilot your Exosuits, which are in a short supply.

TIME TRAVEL AS A GAME MECHANISM: Thanks to the time travel technology, you know about the coming cataclysm, and you can borrow resources from the future to prepare for it. As the game progresses, traveling back to earlier eras and returning these resources can earn you points, while neglecting it can result in Anomalies ravaging your base!

MID-GAME TWIST: The cataclysm occurring mid-game devastates the World Capital. This makes its worker placement slots single-use but more powerful, and opens up the Evacuation action as a potential reward for your long-term strategy. The competition for these new slots adds even more excitement to the endgame.

THEMATIC FACTIONS, GREAT REPLAYABILITY: Each Path has a rich backstory and features two different Leaders, two Evacuation conditions (your long-term goal), and two different player board configurations. These can be mixed and matched at will to ensure that the game always feels fresh and different.

No. of Players: 2 to 4

Duration: 60 to 120 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: 52.99
       (51.67 after automatic discount!, RRP is 62.99)