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Alien RPG: Destroyer Of Worlds

MUHFLFALE014 Alien RPG: Destroyer Of Worlds published by Free League Publishing

The mission was a manhunt, the objectives cleartrack down four fugitives, recover any assets they may have made off with, and keep em all out of enemy hands. Go find them on a frozen moon full of hostiles and get it done on the eve of war.

Nothing you couldnt handle.

But what it is that these bastards stoleand how the hell it got inside themis another thing altogether. Its all above your paygrade, marinebut somehow youre the one whos got to deal with it.

Of course, now theres an invasion fleet incoming, and theres something else, toosomething much worse. Something out there hates youhates everyone. Something big and ugly. Something with metal teethand youre pretty sure it aint alone.

Yeah, the mission was supposed to be a simple manhunt. Instead it turned out to be just another glorious day in the corps.

Destroyer of Worlds is a complete Cinematic Scenario for the ALIEN roleplaying game, written by sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska just like Chariot of the Gods. In Destroyer of Worlds, players take the roles of Colonial Marines. The scenario is designed for 35 players plus the Game Mother, and its a gauntlet of one hell after another. Expect it to take three sessions to complete. This boxed set contains:

  • The main Destroyer of Worlds scenario book.
  • A huge double-sided map (format 864x558mm) of Ariaricus colony on one side and the Fort Nebraska space elevator ground base on the other.
  • Five pre-generated characters to play.
  • Custom cards for weapons, vehicles, and personal agendas.
  • Player maps and handouts.

    NOTE: The ALIEN RPG core rulebook OR the ALIEN RPG Starter Set is required to play Destroyer of Worlds.

  • Price: 20.99
           (RRP is 23.99)