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Aerion Card Game

ZMG4904 Aerion Card Game published by Z-Man Games

As a well-known air-shipwright, a builder of flying machines, the Archonts have come to you with a weighty charge: to build a new fleet of ships to traverse the skies of the Oniverse. With limited resources, you face a great challenge to complete the order before your resources are exhausted.

The Archonts want a full fleet of six airships. You have the skills to build what they demand, but you must weigh your options carefully to get the components you need. Each ship requires a sound blueprint, the correct materials, and a trusty crew. Can you build the best fleet in time? Aerion includes six expansions to alter your journey through the skies and offer new tasks to complete. Each expansion adds new cards and gameplay that can be played independently or freely combined.

No. of Players: 1 to 2

Duration: 15 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: 20.49
       (RRP is 24.99)