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Adrenaline Board Game

CGEADR Adrenaline Board Game published by Czech Game Editions

Adrenaline brings the classic first-person shooter video games to your table. Grab some ammo, take a gun, and start shooting. Build up an arsenal for a killer turn. Combat resolution is quick and diceless - and if you get shot, you get faster!

Despite the theme of the game being a shooter, Adrenaline is a solid Euro game with resource management and area control game elements. Players move around the map collecting weapons, ammo, and powerups in order to shoot other players and score frag points when they die. The winner is the player that has the most Frag Points at the end of the game.

No. of Players: 3 to 5

Duration: 60 minutes

Min. Age: 12

Price: £42.99
       (RRP is 49.99)