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Absolute Power RPG Book One: System

JPG830 Absolute Power RPG Book One: System published by Dyskami Publishing

JPG830: Absolute Power RPG Book One: System is Out of Stock

Absolute Power Book One: System contains everything you need to create characters across the entire spectrum of superhero power levels, from novice teen wonders to street-level vigilantes to world-renowned metahuman leaders to cosmic godlike entitites. The intuitive and easy-to-learn full Tri-Stat System game engine follows character creation. These rules include everything you need to start playing through superheroic adventures right away, and a bonus chapter details a selection of optional and expanded rules.

Book One also includes dozens of pre-built items and gear to equip your characters, a diverse selection of companions, sidekicks, and minions to accompany them, and a comprehensive chapter that explores facets of playing a superheroic character.

Price: 47.99
       (RRP is 54.99)