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ASL: Action Pack 6: A Decade Of War

MPAP6 ASL: Action Pack 6: A Decade Of War published by Multiman Publishing

MPAP6: ASL: Action Pack 6: A Decade Of War is Out of Stock

ASL Action Pack 6: Decade of Warwill have three new mapboards and ten new scenarios using them.

The new mapboards resemble two half-boards placed side-by-side and allow new mapboard configurations not possible before. Imagine a pair of current maps laid side by side, long edges abutting. One of the new maps would lay across the ends of the two maps, adjacent to both. It allows for some very interesting new combinations, and the maps themselves are pretty cool in their own right. Each map is backprinted with an almost-exact copy designed to fit geomorphically with existing maps no matter which orientation is used.

The scenarios consist of a battle a year for the ten year period of 1936-1945. They involve the Spanish Civil War, the Sino-Japanese War, France 1940, Malaya, The Philippines, the East Front, and the Bulge. Also included are optional Australian Balancing System (ABS) handicap bids for each scenario, providing 8 levels of balance for each battle.

Designed for the aficionado, AP6 A Decade of War assumes the buyer owns the entire core Advanced Squad Leader game system!

Price: 25.99
       (RRP is 27.99)