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7th Sea RPG: The Colonies

JWP7010 7th Sea RPG: The Colonies published by John Wick

The Colonies explores the meeting of two cultures: the native peoples living in Wabanahkik and those colonists who have fled (or been sent) from Nations across Théah. In some areas - like Quamountaine - the two groups have already found a peaceful integration, a sharing of cultures that promises to build something new in the ashes of old histories. But in other parts of this vast land, there are Villains lurking on both sides, those who would turn to war, colonization, and conquest to obtain power and wealth.

This new book gives you new Quirks, Advantages, and Sorceries for playing Heroes from Wabanahkik, including tribes that taught the Montaigne how to trap in the frozen north and pueblos on the verge of open resistance in the face of Castillian occupation. When tensions run high and many openly discuss bloodshed...can your Heroes carve a path forward for both sides?

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