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7th Sea RPG: Secret Societies

JWP7011 7th Sea RPG: Secret Societies published by John Wick

No more secrets. No more lies. The hidden riddles of Théah finally exposed. Whether you’re ready or not. For untold centuries, they have controlled Theah’s destiny. Sometimes for good, and sometimes for evil. Secret handshakes. Passwords. Cryptic messages. Allegorical symbols. On the continent of Théah, secret societies have operated nearly unseen, manipulating the lives of monarchs and merchants, and for the first time, their secrets are now revealed. But beware! Such knowledge always comes with a price that not all are strong enough to bear.

This book contains material for 7th Sea: Second Edition. It is a deep dive into the occult societies who have battled an invisible war for the soul of Théah and the souls of her heroes, including: Detailed Histories on the Societies, Prominent NPCs, Adventure Hooks, Codes and Ciphers. It also includes hidden text containing even more secrets for both players and their Heroes. They say the secret history of Théah is an endless labyrinth. And around every corner is a beast hungry for the blood of the curious.

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