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7th Sea RPG: Heroes And Villains

JWP7002 7th Sea RPG: Heroes And Villains published by John Wick

A great power summoning forth the brightest souls, and the darkest. These are the Heroes and Villains of Thah. For every knife-twisting assassin, there is an ever-diligent bodyguard. For each great act of courage and hope, there is a dastardly deed performed in darkness. For every Hero there is a Villain. The 7th Sea Heroes & Villains book gives you 40 Heroes and 40 Villains to use in your game. It discusses heroism, villainy and possible redemption for lost souls who have fallen into darkness and includes new Advantages, Backgrounds and other systems for use with 7th Sea: Second Edition.

The 7th Sea Heroes & Villains book includes: 40 Heroes to use as NPCs or pregen characters, 40 Villains ready to drop into any campaign, Plot points and storylines for all characters, Tips and tricks for creating your character, History and Goals for all Heroes, History and Schemes for all Villains, New Mechanics and Dueling Styles.

Price: 26.99
       (RRP is 33.99)