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65 Board Game: Squad Level Combat In The Jungles Of Vietnam

FPG6000 65 Board Game: Squad Level Combat In The Jungles Of Vietnam published by Flying Pig Games

Fast, furious, and fun! Are you looking for something new, something fresh? '65 might be the game for you. A squad-level, tactical game, '65 recounts the early battles of the Vietnam War, from Ia Drang to Operation Starlight, and most everything between.

The large and beautiful counters (1" to 1.375" square) represent squads, Leaders, Heroes, Snipers, M-48 and Pt-76 tanks, and more. As these units' commander you will move and fight over several geomorphic game boards as you try to best your opponent in one of eight, nail-biting historical scenarios. The game is card-driven, using a system similar to Flying Pig's Night of Man, adding a sense of delicious uncertainty to the play. "Can I advance my sappers or does the enemy have a fire card he's just waiting to play?" Furthermore, the cards simplify the game, containing much of the data needed to play. You won't spend the afternoon with your head in a rule book when you play '65. This is a game created by gamers for gamers to play. '65, squad-level gaming at its best.


  • 3 Mounted Game Boards
  • 4 Die Cut Counter Sheets
  • 1 Deck of 54 Action Cards
  • 1 Set of Full Color Rules and Scenario Booklet
  • 1 Set of Player Aid Cards
  • No. of Players: 2 to 3

    Duration: 45 to 180 minutes

    Min. Age: 12

           (, RRP is 0.00)