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Yokohama Harbour Organizer

MPR1140 Yokohama Harbour Organizer published by Meeple Realty

This game organiser is supplied unassembled and is compatible with the following games:

Compatible with the following games:

  • Yokohama Deluxe Published by TMG
  • Features:
  • Individual player trays with custom dividers to keep the reserved meeples separate.
  • Customized card trays with dividers.
  • Two resource trays in the shape of boat.
  • Setup tray that hold station marker, first player marker, power token, foreign mercenary tiles.
  • Custom tray to hold area board.
  • The insert holds all deluxe pieces.

    Caution: If you notice any resistance when inserting your player boards into the player board trays, do not force them. There could be pieces of wood protruding that could scratch your player boards. Sand these parts down, or contact us about the issue first. Certain copies of the game have thicker player boards, but most people do not have this issue.

    Like any of our other products, the insert will fit inside the game box and box will sit flush. The game can also be stored vertically.

    Assembly time: Roughly 90 minutes

    Its the official insert by TMG for Yokohama Deluxe!

  • Price: 38.99
           (RRP is 49.99)