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Waterloo: Enemy Mistakes

PDG906 Waterloo: Enemy Mistakes published by Pendragon Game Studio

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Spring 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte, after fleeing the Island of Elba, returns to the command of France. The Seventh Coalition, a military alliance between the English, the Prussians, the Austrians, and the Russians, is mobilizing the army to confront him. Napoleon, with an army drafted from the northern border of France (the so-called Arme du Nord), starts an offensive with the intent of defeating the four different armies, separately, away from one another. This plan consists of driving a wedge between the Prussian and English army, to chase away the former and annihilate the latter.

June 18, 1815, 9 oclock, 5 kilometers south of Waterloo, in Belgian territory. The army of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, composed of 68,000 English, Dutch, and German soldiers is deployed behind a hill crest, waiting. Napoleon, with the force of 72,000 French soldiers, studies the battlefield that has transformed into a morass, following the previous nights storm. He must delay the attack, hoping that the terrain dries; otherwise, the artillery will lose its efficiency.

A game to rewrite history.

Time: 11:30, he cannot wait any longer. The French cannons start the bombardment, and the last of Napoleons battles.

The battle lasted more than eight hours, and the losses were devastating (more than 15,000 Englishmen, 7,000 Prussians, and 25,000 Frenchmen): in the end, Wellingtons army wins thanks also to the entrance of General Blchers Prussian army. Napoleon flees from the battlefield, unscathed, but the defeat marks his end: on July 15, he surrenders to the English army. He is arrested and exiled to the island of Saint Helena, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where he dies on May 5th, 1821.

This is what History dictates, but now it is your turn: Waterloo: Enemy Mistakes turns back the clock to 11:30 of that morning and gives you the command of the armies on the battlefield. Now you have the exciting privilege to walk in the shoes of great generals and rethink their strategies, modify their tactics, and correct their mistakes.

Contents: 2 game boards (518x694mm), 3 punchboard, 6 dices, 153 wooden cubes, 1 cylinder marker, 1 rules booklet.

No. of Players: 2 - 3

Duration: 150 to 180 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: 39.99
       (RRP is 49.99)