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Villages Of Valeria Card Game: Landmarks Expansion

DLYVOV010 Villages Of Valeria Card Game: Landmarks Expansion published by Daily Magic Games

Unable to decide on the location of the new capital, the King of Valeria sends out his messengers with another decree: the village to be named New Shilina must also have wondrous landmarks to distinguish it from the rest. As a Duke or Duchess vying for the prestigious prize, new adventurers await your call, new plans for buildings have been drawn up, and landmarks are ready to be constructed within the village surrounding your castle.

In the Landmarks expansion, players will be able to discard cards with specific resources in order to take and build Landmark tokens on their Castle card. At the end of the game, the player with the most of each token will gain bonus points. You can also earn bonus points by collecting sets of all 5 Landmark token types. Will you leverage the new Landmarks to be declared the next capital of Valeria?


  • 35 Landmark Tokens
  • 5 Landmark Cards
  • 12 Building Cards
  • 5 Adventurer Cards
  • Price: 11.99
           (RRP is 14.99)