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U-Boot The Board Game: All Resin Pack

PPHA08 U-Boot The Board Game: All Resin Pack published by Phalanx Games

Contains 28 resin miniatures for U-Boot: The Board Game, including: 1 bow torpedo tubes, 1 radio room and hydrophone station, 1 periscope column, 1 galley, 1 diesel engine, 1 electric motor, 3 toxic gas tokens, 3 lighting failure tokens, 3 fire tokens, 3 electrical failure tokens, 3 leak tokens, 1 tauchretter token, 1 light bulb token, 1 fire extinguisher token, 1 wire token, 1 water pump token, 2 tool box tokens.

Price: 54.99
       (53.62 after automatic discount!, RRP is 61.99)

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