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Torg Eternity RPG: Aysle Threats

PAIULIUNA10034 Torg Eternity RPG: Aysle Threats published by Paizo Publishing

Aysle Threats is a collection of high quality acrylic tokens containing 25mm and 75mm double-sided "character blips" of the villains who lurk in the fantasy realm of Aysle...including a massive Dragon! The collection contains 23 tokens in all.


  • 1 Dragon
  • 1 Royal Envoy
  • 2 Wight
  • 4 Nibikrid
  • 5 Cursed Warrior
  • 10 Lurk

    This is not a stand-alone game. This is an accessory for Torg Eternity RPG: Core Rules.

  • Price: 7.99
           (RRP is 9.99)