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Titus Tentakel Dice Game

HAB301366 Titus Tentakel Dice Game published by HABA

HAB301366: Titus Tentakel Dice Game is on Sale

Pirates and buccaneers get ready to set sail for a faraway island said to hold a hidden treasure of immense wealth. But beware of the giant octopus that is guarding it. Everyday Titus Tentacle scares off the brazen little pirate monkeys who are out to steal his gold coins. Be careful to sail clear of Titus Tentacle, because if he does catch you, he will stretch out his long octupus arms and knock everything over within his reach. The first player to collect three coins from treasure island wins the game and has thus earned the title: King of the Pirates.

No. of Players: 2 - 4

Duration: 15 minutes

Min. Age: 4

Price: 10.99
       (RRP is 24.99)