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Thebes Board Game

QU6046 Thebes Board Game published by Queen Games

QU6046: Thebes Board Game is Out of Stock

The players travel as archaeologists around Europe in order to acquire the necessary knowledge for their excavation expeditions. With the aid of assistants, players get needed equipment and services for their expeditions. Once properly equipped, the players head off to Egypt, Crete, or Mesopotamia to dig at the sites there for valuable artifacts, which will bring them fame and enhance their reputations in the form of victory points. Players who can arrange exhibitions and visiting congresses will add to their reputations (victory points). But all this costs time and time is, of course, a limited resource. Who best uses his time for planning excavations and exhibitions, will score the most victory points and win the game.


  • 1 rule book
  • 1 summary sheet
  • 1 game board with 12 places (7 cities in Europe and 5 excavation sites in the area of the Mediterranean) connected by a transportation network
  • 4 archeologists in the 4 player colors
  • 4 time markers in the 4 player colors
  • 1 year marker
  • 85 researcher cards including knowledge cards various support cards, and 9 congress cards
  • 10 exhibit cards 5 small exhibits worth 4 victory points and 5 large exhibits worth 5 victory points.
  • 5 summary cards shows the layout of each excavation site
  • 4 time wheels each consists of two disks and two plastic rivets.
  • 4 sets of excavation permissions 1 for each player for each area (1 set = 5 permissions)
  • 5 cloth bags with colored tops each filled with the excavation tokens of the matching color: to start each bag has 14 of the 15 items to find and 16 worthless debris tokens.
  • 155 excavation tokens each excavation area has 15 items to find: 13 artifacts, 1 specialized knowledge item for another excavation area and 1 general knowledge item. The remaining tokens are worthless debris.
  • No. of Players: 2 - 4

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    GamesLore Rating: 7

    Price: 27.99
           (RRP is 34.99)