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The Trail of Cthuhlu RPG: Stunning Eldritch Tales

PELGT02 The Trail of Cthuhlu RPG: Stunning Eldritch Tales published by Pelgrane Press

PELGT02: The Trail of Cthuhlu RPG: Stunning Eldritch Tales is Out of Stock

Strolling Arkhams fog-veiled streets, you stumble across a humble antiquarian bookshop youve never before noticed. Driven by the febrile compulsions of the committed bibliophile, you slip inside. Soon you find yourself in its ill-lit basement, the stench of rotting paper assailing your nostrils. Ducking down, your fingers lunge for a cardboard box filled with curled, yellow-edged old magazines.

The lurid covers assault your senses! Can it be? Though you consider yourself an expert on the pulp magazines of the thirties, these titles are oddly unfamiliar to you. You scan the cover stories - each is an exemplar of its time, yet infused by a distinctly Lovecraftian sensibility.

  • Devourers In the Mist: A rugged adventure tale in which the survival of island castaways is tested not only by the elements - but by the twisted shapes of half-seen, sadistic entities who haunt the atolls jungled interior!
  • Shanghai Bullets: Guns-blazing danger portends and international intrigue unfurls in the city of conspiracy, the licentious, opium-infused Berlin of the East. In the shadow struggle between nations, no weapon is more fiercely coveted than the star mirror. It brings blood-draining death from beyond the stars!
  • Death Laughs Last : When philanthropist and gadabout Addison Bright is found bizarrely murdered in his own New York mansion, only a team of doughty investigators can protect his reputationand the sanity of mankind - from the awful truths lurking in his tragically colorful past.
  • Dimension Y : A scientific experiment yields the promise of a glimpse into an adjoining reality, a repository of mans dreams and memories. But when the heroes peer through this window... they find cosmic horror peering back at them!

    A bang resounds above your head - the basement door slamming shut. Youre trapped in the crypt of impossible pulps! But before you meet your deserved fate, you can take your final pleasures in this collection of exciting pulp-style scenarios for Trail Of Cthulhu , the GUMSHOE game of Lovecraftian investigative horror.

  • Price: 11.99
           (RRP is 14.99)