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The Strange RPG: Players Guide

MCG031 The Strange RPG: Players Guide published by Monte Cook Games

Create characters, explore the setting, and learn how to playor just have a handy second set of rules at the gaming tablewith this inexpensive players alternative to the The Strange corebook. Its perfect for getting a taste of the game, having an extra rules and setting reference on hand at the gaming table, or for game masters to hand to new players. The Players Guide is a fantastic, ready resource for anyone playing The Strange, and a wonderful introduction and teaching tool for the game. And its an amazing price for a 96-page book!

The The Strange Players Guide packs a lot into a 96-page package:

  • An overview of the game setting: the Strange, the key recursions of Ardeyn and Ruk, and the factions on Earth that know how to access them
  • The basic rules to play The Strange
  • Six pregenerated characters ready for play
  • Everything needed to create characters in a step-by-step process
  • A huge variety of options that allow players to create the characters they desire
  • Price: 13.49
           (RRP is 15.99)

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