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The Ruins Of The Damned

TSG5001 The Ruins Of The Damned published by Three Sages Games

TSG5001: The Ruins Of The Damned is on Sale

This lovely lady is in need of a band of heroes... will you answer the call?

The county of Aran was cursed long ago so that the people became lizardform. But that is not the worst of their problems.

Generations ago they separated into two factions. The peace between these factions was always fragile but now it is at breaking point. This issue is control of a dam that diverts water to both sides of the county. A stranger has arrived in the valley of the dam and assaulted the structure.

You must determine who is behind the threat. Your actions could very well be the deciding factor in the question on everyone's mind. Will there be civil war?

Price: 2.99
       (RRP is 12.99)