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The One Ring RPG: 2nd Edition Collector's Edition

CB71025 The One Ring RPG: 2nd Edition Collector's Edition published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment

The collectors edition comes in a beautiful slipcase, adorned with a map of Middle-earth detailed with a spot UV varnish. The core rules are bound in faux leather and emblazoned with The One Ring script picked out in silver foil-stamp. The back cover features the translated ring poem, also detailed in silver foil-stamp.

The 352 page core features updated rules based on years of feedback, stunning new art, and a beautifully illustrated map of Middle-earth. The game contains everything you and your friends will need to adventure in the lands of Middle-earth, including: A complete set of rules for roleplaying in Middle-earth. Instructions for how to create your character and forge your own fellowship. 11 unique Cultures and 6 different Callings to choose from. A bestiary of enemies to face, from creeping Giant Spiders and hungry Wargs, to vicious Orcs and terrifying Stone-trolls. Advice for telling stories that evoke the spirit and feeling of the The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. A complete Tale of Years spanning from the origins of the Third Age up to the default starting year of 2965 and beyond.

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