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The Marianas Campaign Volume 2: Guam Return To Glory

COM1053 The Marianas Campaign Volume 2: Guam Return To Glory published by Compass Games

On the 8th December 1941 American soil was invaded for the first time in the war, the small American and Guananian garrison was overrun and 2 days later the Govenor surrendered the Island to the Japanese. On 21st July 1944 the Americans would return to retake the island and drive the Japanese invaders off; a day that is still celebrated as 'Liberation Day'.

There were many reasons why the Americans decided to invade Guam not least of which was the fact that the station of the trans-Pacific cable and the naval radio station at Agana made it a focal point of the communication network in the Pacific. It also had the best anchorage in the Marianas, 2 airstrips and, of course, it was an American Protectorate. The only beaches suitable for an invasion are located on the south-western side of the island. The Japanese knew this as well and had prepared accordingly. Another thing unique to the planning was that the 2 landing beaches chosen would be 7 miles apart. It was unprecedented for two landing forces to land with such a wide separation.

Guam Return to Glory will utilize the Company Scale System (CSS) and will come on 4 maps. The game will come with 6 scenarios and 1 campaign game. Complexity: 6. Solitaire Suitability:8. Time Scale: 1 turn = 2 hours. Map Scale: 1 hex = 500 meters. Unit Scale: Companies and below.


  • 4 maps
  • 6 countersheets
  • 1 series Rulesbook
  • 1 game specific rulesbook
  • 7 player aids, charts, tables cards
  • 2 ten-sided dice
  • 1 Box and Lid set
  • Price: 119.99
           (113.99 after automatic discount!, RRP is 134.99)

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