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The Little Prince: Make Me A Planet Board Game

ASMLTP01 The Little Prince: Make Me A Planet Board Game published by Asmodee

The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet is a charming game of planetbuilding and collecting symbols. Each player will use their tiles to progressively construct a planet, covered in volcanoes, baobab trees, lampposts, animals, roses, and sunsets. The four characters each player collects throughout the game will determine how many points their planet and the stars surrounding it are worth at the end of the game. Make the most perfect planet to win the game!

Bringing together luck and strategy, Make Me A Planet makes for a quick yet very enjoyable game. The gameplay allows players to both gamble their luck by choosing particular tiles that they hope will increase their points as well as sabotage other players by taking tiles that may be useful to them. It is also a fairly simple game that can be played with people of all ages (the game recommends ages eight and above), with only minimal set-up and familiarising needed before you begin a definite plus if youre playing with children. And because it doesnt rely on prior knowledge of the book, players dont even need to be familiar with the story; as long as theyre up to trying something new, theyre likely to enjoy this fast-paced game.

No. of Players: 2 to 5

Duration: 25 minutes

Min. Age: 8

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