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Star Wars RPG: Edge Of The Empire Mask Of The Pirate Queen

FFGSWE13 Star Wars RPG: Edge Of The Empire Mask Of The Pirate Queen published by Fantasy Flight Games

Pursue a criminal mastermind across the galaxy in Mask of the Pirate Queen, an adventure for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game! A powerful smuggling operation has placed a tremendous bounty on the head of the so-called Pirate Queen. In hunting this bounty you and your colleagues will explore the prosperous shadowport of Ord Mantell, fight an intense interstellar fleet battle, and discover the dangerous underworld sport of pit fighting. You never know where youll find the Pirate Queen or what you might encounter in the search.

Within this books 96 pages youll find complete gazetteers for Ord Mantell and the oasis world of Saleucami, full-color illustrations, numerous new adversaries, and plentiful tips to help Game Masters easily run the adventure. A complete adventure in itself, Mask of the Pirate Queen can be easily integrated into an ongoing Edge of the Empire campaign or used as the launching point for a series of smuggling, spying, or bounty hunting escapades.

Price: 20.49
       (RRP is 23.99)