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Star Wars Legion: Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion

FFGSWL21 Star Wars Legion: Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion published by Fantasy Flight Games

The Rebel Alliance can recruit new members from across the galaxy, finding pilots, soldiers, and medics among those who hate the Empire. Plenty of beings can take up a blaster rifle to fight Stormtroopers, but there are a few who are willing to push the boundaries and do whatever it takes to keep the Rebellion alive. Saboteurs. Snipers. The Rebel Alliances most dangerous operativesnow entering the infantry battles played out in your games of Star Wars: Legion.

Within the Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion, youll find a squad of seven unpainted, easily assembled Rebel Commando miniatures. You may field this unit as a full, standard unit on your battlefield or a small team operating on the edges of the map or behind enemy lines, but no matter how you position the Rebel Commandos, their unorthodox tactics and powerful weapons can sway the battle in the Rebellions favor. With five distinct upgrade cards that can be added to the Rebel Commandos or another unit, youll find everything you need to put fear in Imperial hearts with this expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

Price: 19.49
       (RRP is 23.99)