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Shogun Board Game

QU6045 Shogun Board Game published by Queen Games

QU6045: Shogun Board Game is Out of Stock

As warlords in 16th-century Japan, the players attempt to secure a position of dominance for their respective clans. The most successful Daimyo at the end of the game will become SHOGUN.

To succeed, a player will need not only to control as many provinces as possible, but also to develop his realm by building castles, temples, and theaters. The player who manages to build the most buildings in each of the 5 regions will be rewarded with valuable bonus points.


  • The Game Board has 2 different sides, 1 with a sun symbol and 1 with a moon. Each side displays 5 regions of central Japan in differing configurations. On both sides of the board, each region contains 9 provinces. On each side of the board, 8 provinces are specially marked and surrounded by a light border. These provinces are not used in games with 3 players.
  • 53 Province Cards for each province, the game includes 1 or 2 cards, depending on whether the card is used for one or both sides of the game board. The sun and moon symbols indicate the side(s) of the board for which each card is used.
  • 25 War Chest Cards a set of 5 cards for each player. In each set, the bottom half of the cards shows 0 to 4 chests, and the top half is blank.
  • 5 Special Cards each granting its owner a special privilege.
  • 10 Action Cards used to indicate the order in which actions are carried out.
  • 12 Event Cards with the top half showing an event that affects a specific action, and the bottom half showing the rice losses suffered by the players during winter rounds.
  • 5 Daimyo Cards used to indicate player turn order.
  • 5 Individual Boards with 2 different sides. The front side, depicting a countryside scene, is used by players in claiming their starting provinces. Players use the back side during the rest of the game to plan their actions.
  • 310 Colored Cubes representing player armies, with 62 in each player color.
  • 20 Green Cubes representing neutral farmer armies.
  • 55 War Chests representing currency. The 35 wood-colored chests each have a value of 1, and the 20 orange-colored chests each have a value of 5.
  • 5 Victory Point Markers used to indicate each player's current victory points on the scoring track of the game board.
  • 5 Rice Markers used to indicate each player's supply of provisions on the provision track of the game board.
  • 80 Building Tiles 28 castles, 26 temples, and 26 N theaters. Players may build these buildings in their provinces to earn victory points.
  • 42 Revolt Markers used to indicate the level of unrest among the farmers in a province.
  • 1 3-Part Battle Tower used to conduct battles.
  • 1 Storage Tray for sorting building tiles, revolt markers, and war chests.
  • 1 Supplement providing a predetermined starting setup, a round overview, and an explanation of the event cards.
  • 1 Set of Game Rules
  • No. of Players: 3 to 5

    Duration: 120 to 180 minutes

    Min. Age: 12

    GamesLore Rating: 8

    Price: 39.99
           (RRP is 49.99)