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Shafausa Board Game

ASMSHAF01 Shafausa Board Game published by Asmodee

ASMSHAF01: Shafausa Board Game is on Sale

Whilst digging on the slopes of Mount Ego, the Dwarves of Shafausa discovered a secret passage under the falls of the river Rain. From there they gained access into a subterranean world of obscure galleries and gigantic caves, full of immeasurable wealth. But, wealth doesnt just fall from the sky, and it takes a good dose of know-how to be able to rival with the skill of a vampire... Will you be able to save your Chafouin from the miners furnace?


  • A two-sided gameboard for family use or for enthusiasts;
  • 2-sided players boards with the simplified game on one side and on the other, a fantasy version impregnated with Helvetian legends;
  • A choice of eight different tribes: the Diplomats of Gineva, the Ogres of Grisa, the Vampires of Zugriga, the Dwarves of Shafausa, the Sages of Sanagal, the Elves of Luserna, the Halberdiers of Primitiva, the Magistrates de Tessina.
  • No. of Players: 2 - 6

    Duration: 60 to 180 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    Price: 13.99
           (RRP is 49.99)

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