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Shadows Of Esteren RPG: Occultism

AGA10009 Shadows Of Esteren RPG: Occultism published by Agate Editions

AGA10009: Shadows Of Esteren RPG: Occultism is Out of Stock

This Shadows of Esteren add-on, intended for Game Leaders, focuses on occultism. Who are the representatives of this strange science? How are they organized? What do they seek? Beside the mystical powers of the Demorthn and of the priests of the Temple, is there another source of supernatural power? In exploring these questions, the Characters will face mysteries that may shake their innermost convictions!

Shadows Of Esteren RPG: Occultism includes Occultism in Tri-Kazel, this introductory chapter is a complete overview of occultism in Tri-Kazel. Leaders will find many details about the skills of occultists, the forbidden arts of sorcerers, or the mysterious visionary powers of mediums. New Disciplines are introduced, as well as additional rules on sanity. The Circle of Emergence, the second chapter describes a characteristic occult organization: its modes of operation, its objectives, and its core members. A Tidy Room, when a young girl from a low-class district, enchanting and beloved by all, disappears, the locals are in a commotion. Searches are quickly organized: people comb through vacant lots, back streets, and dumping grounds. Even the sewers and canals are explored over the course of several days... to no avail. Finally, two new creatures are included: the Bogeyman and the Diwelank.

Also included is a Map of the Weavers' District, a colored map showing the district where the A Tidy Room is set and a Set of Game Aid Sheets.

Price: 19.49
       (RRP is 23.99)