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Shadowrun RPG: 5th Edition Better Than Bad

CAT27203 Shadowrun RPG: 5th Edition Better Than Bad published by Catalyst Game Labs

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Kill or be killed. Eye for an eye. Get yours while you can. Shadowrunnersand most of the other residents of the Sixth Worldare told from birth that those are the principles you must follow to survive. Thinking of others is for suckers. Take care of your own and hope you dont die early.

But some runners think thats no way to live. They know the world is stacked against them, and theyve decided they like those odds. They choose to fight for what they think is right. They use shadowruns to take from people who dont deserve what they have and give to those who need it. They seek hidden information that can right wrongs. Its not easy, and it doesnt always pay as well as outright theft, but who do they tell stories about centuries laterRobin Hood, or the jerk thief from a few forests away who only thought of himself?

Better than Bad is a shadowrunners guide to hooding, the art of committing crime to help those in need. With plot information, shadowrunning techniques and tactics, and advice to help runners work to bring good into the world, the book is the first definitive guide to shadowrunning with a conscience. It also includes information on a hot spot for working to right wrongsPretoria, in the African nation of Azania

Better than Bad is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, and most of the material can also be used with Shadowrun: Anarchy.

Price: 19.99
       (RRP is 39.99)