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SOL Board Game

BRESOL01 SOL Board Game published by Blackrock Editions

BRESOL01: SOL Board Game is Out of Stock

Land your crew on the island of SOL, a highly colorful but forgotten island in the Atlantic Ocean, then pit your skills against another team to find and (more importantly) leave the island with the treasure of the God of the Sun.

In SOL, players divide into two teams: adventurers vs. conquistadors, with each team having three or four characters. Each character has movement, fighting, and search skills; inventory for two or three items; and a unique special ability for use in the advanced game.

On a turn, all of the characters on one team act first, one after another, then the opposite team goes. During your turn, use your action points to move your character and search on the island. If you meet someone from the other team, you can fight them, whether to steal the treasure or simply to set them back. When you search, you might find move and fight tokens to save for the future; flags that let you claim a dock on the island to make it easier to leave; or clues to the treasure. The clue tokens let you play cards, and those cards determine where the treasure will be found ideally in a spot more advantageous for you than the other team.

No. of Players: 2 - 8

Duration: 45 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: 28.99
       (RRP is 35.99)