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Rum And Bones Board Game: Mercenaries Hero's Chest

CMNRB025 Rum And Bones Board Game: Mercenaries Hero's Chest published by CoolMiniOrNot

These Heroes make a hearty crew, for the right price. A good pirate captain is always on the lookout for some new recruits. Theyll lose some crew to scurvy, sunken ships, and in rare cases, retirement, so having a healthy supply of replacements on hand is crucial.

The Mercenaries Heroes Chest for Rum and Bones Second Tide, adds ten new Heroes willing to join any faction for the right price. These Heroes come with their own set of skills and special attacks. Any crew would be happy to have them on board! Features: Mini Mercenaries - All ten of the included Mercenaries have their own highly detailed miniature figure and Hero Dashboards, allowing them to join any pirate crew. Custom Cards - Each Hero comes with their own Skill cards that can be used to customize their abilities. As the game progresses, players will be able to choose how to develop them.

This is an expansion. The Rum & Bones: Second Tide core game is required to play.

Price: 26.49
       (RRP is 32.99)