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Psionics RPG: The Pleasantville Project

ETG80010 Psionics RPG: The Pleasantville Project published by End Transmission Games

The Pleasantville Project is the first adventure in the Eternal Storm Campaign. Inside, you will find an introduction to the world of Psionics that gives players a chance to explore multiple forking paths based on the choices they make. These paths weave and intertwine as they lead toward the oncoming storm. You will encounter the secret factions that lurk beneath the public consciousness. You will discover the secrets of humanity that your government has been hiding from you. You will meet many people along the way who, good or bad, say they want to help you.

Most of all, you will probably explode things with your mind.

Psionics uses the DicePunk System.

Price: 13.99
       (RRP is 16.99)