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Pack Of Lies Card Game

UD83541 Pack Of Lies Card Game published by Upper Deck

Pack of Lies takes place in a "noir fantasy" world that is based around lies and deceit. Each player is on a grim quest to clear their name. They must gather a gang of characters that will either use treachery and deceit or bash some skulls until they get to the truth.

The gameplay of Pack of Lies lets players choose to either work with or against other players to clear their name throughout the game; whatever best suits their purpose at any given time. The characters in the game can also help out a number of players at once. Be careful though - the fate of a character within the game is sure to affect multiple players in the game.

Work with or against the different factions within the city including The Church, The Cops, The Syndicate/Mob, Enchanters, and Dragonclan.


  • 190 Playable Cards
  • Tokens
  • Rules
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