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Open Anime RPG

BPI8501 Open Anime RPG published by Battlefield Press

BPI8501: Open Anime RPG is on Sale

The Open Core System returns with a new multi genre game that supports all your favorite Manga and Anime. Open Anime is effects-based to help you create that perfect character using attributes, skills, abilities, and disabilities. Open Anime is classless, a point-based system that can allow players and GMs to create a wide variety of characters and world.

Open Anime uses a simple, time-proven base mechanic: 3d6 + Attribute + Skill VS. Target Number. Variant rules for other dice (1d20, etc.) are included. Its easy to convert characters and campaigns from other popular open gaming systems to Open Anime. Open Anime is fully extensible; Open Content from other systems can easily integrate into Open Anime.

Price: 11.99
       (RRP is 23.99)