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Nato: Nippon, Nukes And Nationalists

OSS21701 Nato: Nippon, Nukes And Nationalists published by One Small Step Games

OSS21701: Nato: Nippon, Nukes And Nationalists is Out of Stock

This game extends the narrative begun in NATO, Nukes & Nazis: The War in France & Russia to the other main theater of operations of this war: East Asia. It can be played alone or combined with the play of the two-map scenario in the parent game. Either way, it will provide a complete theater-commander experience.

The system is based around the central idea that large First World armies (as well as those from elsewhere that have been trained and equipped to try to perform like First World armies) almost always begin major wars seemingly well prepared. Unfortunately for those in their front-line units, both the training and equipment usually only make them ready for the previous war, not the one they're about to fight. Beyond that, the initial period of such wars is characterized by only a partially abandoned peacetime psychology among the officers and enlisted. That is, no one as yet appreciates what it means operatively to be in an all-out war. All that comes together to give overall performance high-risk, volatile and fragile qualities: no one as yet really knows what's actually possible or wise to try to accomplish. Seemingly powerful units therefore easily become "disrupted" -– especially as gauged in relation to similar units' performances later, after everyone's been thoroughly schooled in the art of war as it exists in the present.

Each turn of play in NNN3 equals a week of real time. Each hexagon on both maps represents 75 miles (121.5 km) from side to opposite side. The game is designed for two-player play, but solitaire play can be easily 'fudged.' Playing time (when played separately from NNN2) is about four hours.


  • One 22x34" map/playing surface
  • One and one half sheets of 5/8" die-cut mounted counters/playing pieces
  • One Rules Book
  • Charts & Tables
  • Dice
  • Game Box
  • Price: 44.99
           (RRP is 54.99)