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My First Stone Age The Card Game

ZMG7266 My First Stone Age The Card Game published by Z-Man Games

ZMG7266: My First Stone Age The Card Game is Out of Stock

My First Stone Age: The Card Game is a card game version of My First Stone Age. The players try to fix their houses with three different resources. These resources are hidden in grass, and the players try to find them with Martin the mammoth. The first player who builds three houses wins.

The excitement of My First Stone Age The Card Game doesnt end with the game itself. The game is also playable as an expansion for My First Stone Age, giving players even more ways to explore with Martin and Guffs friends, the Stone Age children Jono and Jada. Now players can cut across My First Stone Ages board with Martin or gather goods from the construction site. Each option can be useful, but youll still need to find the forest token thatll take you to your chosen destination. No matter what, whoever can build their huts the fastest wins the game!

No. of Players: 2 to 4

Duration: 15 minutes

Min. Age: 4

Price: 7.99
       (RRP is 13.99)