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Mutant Chronicles RPG: Cybertronic Source Book

MUH050011 Mutant Chronicles RPG: Cybertronic Source Book published by Modiphius

MUH050011: Mutant Chronicles RPG: Cybertronic Source Book is Out of Stock

The youngest and smallest of the corporations, Cybertronic is less than a century old. Few know much about this enigmatic, technologically advanced new player on the scene, but few doubt how quickly it has made a place for itself in the new order of the Solar System. Cybertronics methods are secretive, but highly efficient, and many do not trust this newcomer, for it dabbles in technologies that were banned long ago

  • Human Resources: What kind of person would embrace Cybertronic? Discover the mysterious structure and culture of the Fifth Corporation, and the employees that work within it both human and machine.
  • Secret Origins: Uncover the secrets of Cybertronics founding, and the hidden purpose of the corporation.
  • Technology: Explore the sophisticated technology of Cybertronic, which allows their employees to be both more and less than human.
  • Character Creation: Expanded rules for the backgrounds and professions unique to Cybertronic, as well as options for AI and Neoclone characters.
  • Price: 14.99
           (RRP is 17.99)