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Mekton Zeta RPG: Mekton Wars

TRGMK1101 Mekton Zeta RPG: Mekton Wars published by R Talsorian Games

DEATH FROM SPACE. When the invasion came, it was swift and savage. We barely had a chance... but a chance was all we needed. Now the battle is joined: a desperate world's young, untested heroes stand alone against an alien empire and its legions of mecha-warriors. And the outcome? That depends on you...

Invasion Terra is the first in a series of Mekton Wars battle-books. Mekton Wars 1 outlines the history of the Terran-Imperial War and details 31 Mekton battles which will decide the fate of the planet. Designed for use by two or more players, each scenario lets the players build their weapons, deploy their forces and then slug it out -- all in the fast, furious, true-to-anime style you expect from Mekton Z.

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