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Maelstrom Domesday RPG: The Beast Of Ledsham

ARIMD003 Maelstrom Domesday RPG: The Beast Of Ledsham published by Arion Games

Maelstrom Domesday is the new incarnation of Maelstrom, the classic RPG from 1984.

This full length investigative adventure set in the ancient village of Ledsham is perfect for novice investigators or experienced characters alike and can be run as a one off or easily integrated into a full campaign. The full adventure should take roughly 3-4 game sessions to play through and can be run with as many characters as desired.

Something evil lurks in the woodland of the manor of Ledsham, eating game and scaring the villagers. The Norman baron Ilbert de Lacy will take harsh measures against the village unless the brave investigators can find out the truth behind the beast and deal with the problem once and for all.

Price: 4.49
       (RRP is 4.99)

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